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Printable Emergency Verses Memory Cards

Hello friends! I just wanted to pop in and share a resource I created with you all. I will be getting back to content creation very soon, and will eventually be sharing some of my story regarding my absence these last two weeks.

I was recently encouraged by a mentor and friend to memorize Psalm 139 (one of my favorite Psalms). Instead of writing out these verses on your typical 3x5 index cards, I decided to make my own beautiful and printable memory verse cards. 🥰

This PDF includes most of Psalms 139 as well as a handful of other "Emergency Verses," all in ESV.

I've kept an ever evolving list of "Emergency Verses" since high school, when I was encouraged to do so by my youth pastor, and I highly, highly recommend you to create your own. "Emergency Verses" are those verses you can turn to when you are struggling, those that uplift you when you are depressed or speak peace when you are anxious.

This PFD does not include all my "Emergency Verses," in time I may share that with you all, but it does include some of them. 😉

Printing Instructions: For best results, scale to fit, print double sided (flip long edge/long edge binding).

Emergency Verses
Download • 5.17MB


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